The NomadQueen Podcast

The NomadQueen Podcast

Hosted by: Jamilia Grier

Living life abroad isn't always so glamourous, or is it? Join serial expat and entrepreneur, Jamilia Grier, as she digs deep on experiences of successful Black women who have been collecting passport stamps from all...

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Trailer: The NomadQueen Podcast

Episode #1

She lives where?!? Don't be shocked. Many Black women have taken a leap to pursue their best life abroad. What bits of wisdom and interesting stories can they share with us?
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Meet the Host - Jamilia Grier

Episode #2

In this episode, I talk about my journey to Asia. What led me to China and Singapore and why I think many Black Americans are interested in living abroad.
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Why Dumpster Fires are Good - Chat with Jenaya Perdue, PhD

Episode #3

In this episode, I catch up with Jenaya Perdue, host of the Melanated Stamps podcast, who is currently based in Shenzhen, China. She shares her story about her journey from Kentucky and Georgia all the way to the...
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How She Got Her Groove Back in Cambodia : Interview with Heather Smith

Episode #4

Can you find the love of your life abroad? Maybe. I did - and so did my guest on this episode, Heather Smith. Join me as I chat with Heather about what motivated her to leave the U.S., how she connects with Cambodian...
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