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Free Checklist to Jumpstart Your Life In A New Country

With this one-page, printable checklist, you can make sure you have done all the preparation before starting a new life in an amazing country. You’ll be surprised by how this simple solution can save you from frustration and headaches once you finally living a nomad life.

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Here’s How This Checklist Can Make
Relocating Easy For You…

With this checklist, instead of spending hours every day for weeks (or even months) trying to learn all the things that need to be prepared before leaving your home, you’ll know what you need immediately.


Instead of getting overwhelmed with so many articles and YouTube videos that sometimes contradict each other, just look at the checklist, and see exactly what you should do next.


And instead of feeling worried about whether or not you will be able to enjoy your life in your chosen country, the checklist will help you find out what to expect from the country and how to get better prepared to live there.



If This Is You, This Checklist Is Made For You...

  • You want to live abroad but you keep second-guessing yourself about your dream of living as a digital nomad
  • You have some countries that you’d like to visit and make as your second home, but you have no idea whether or not these countries are the right choices for you.
  • You have the constant urge for starting a new adventure as a digital nomad, but you’re always feeling anxious because you don’t know where to start and what to do.
  • You want to avoid all the mistakes that other digital nomads made, and you want to make your own experience be more fun and stress-free.

Don't be overwhelmed. Take action.

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