Passionate Coaches.  Real Results.

Our Coaches Want You To Succeed. 

At NomadQueen, we have hand-selected coaches that are passionate about what they teach.  Why are they passionate about what they coach on?  Because they have lived it. Every single one of our coaches has the battle scars to prove that they were once in your shoes - and they made it out.  Now their mission in life is to help people like you overcome challenges and succeed.

Meet Our Coaches

Jamilia Grier | Business Consultant

As a serial expat and entrepreneur that has been living in Asia for over a decade, Jamilia has extensive knowledge on business operations in Asia, international living, and raising a family abroad.  Jamilia is also Founder and CEO of NomadQueen.   

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Reimus Calvez | Transformation Consultant

Reimus is a certified coach with 10 years of experience helping Fortune 500 companies through major transformations. Having delivered business solutions, trained international teams, and coached successful expats and digital nomads in Asia, Reimus is also Head of Transformation for NomadQueen.   

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